Track 8 - e-Commerce


Agenda: Day Two, Thursday 11th May 2017

8:50 | Chairperson's Remarks

Merline McGregor, General Manager, Practicology


9:00 | Pushing the boundaries: innovating the digital customer experience at Coles
  • Trialling voice recognition and barcodes as new methods for ordering Limitations, lessons learned and goals for the future
  • Integrating the physical shopping experience with mobile experience
  • Click and Collect and the development of the world's largest refrigerated locker fleet

Brad Foenander, Head of eCommerce, Coles

9:20 | Panel: Brand consistency in an omni-channel world

  • How to keep your culture, look and feel, marketing and communications on brand across technologies, platforms and channels

Lisa Powell, 
Head of Retail Practice, Amblique
Duncan Brett, Head of Online, Zimmermann Wear
Anna Samkova, Head of Digital and Loyalty, The PAS Group

10:05 | Morning Coffee Break


10:30 | Thinking Like a Tech Company to Optimise Your Customer Experience
  • A look at tech vs retail - how to think like a tech company rather than a retailer when designing your customer's online experience
  • Exploring how Kogan use technology features such as social proof and automation to optimise the customer experience
  • A look at automated sourcing and purchasing of goods
  • Dick Smith Online and future plans

Goran Stefkovski, Chief Technology Officer, Kogan

10:50 | Consumer Controls and Mobile Payments

Matt Collicoat, CPO, FIS Australasia



11:10 | Intelligent Email Marketing and Automation
  • Email offers consumers a degree of control over what messages they receive. It remains one of the most successful marketing tools on offer for consumer and B2B companies
  • Understand what constitutIntelies 'intelligent email marketing' and how to use automation to deliver messages to your customers without causing them to switch off or unsubscribe

Tink Taylor, Founder, Dotmailer

11:30 | Business Hack: How to Get Back Half Your Website Development and Marketing Expenses in Government Funding
  • All Australian online retailers have access to some level of government funding and they don't even realise it.
  • Don't think you're eligible? Think it's too hard? Or think it's too good to be true? Then you're wrong!
  • Hear how The Party People claimed the EDMG grant and R&D grant to get over $150,000 in website expenses and learn the tricks so you can too.

Dean Salakas, Chief Party Dude, The Party People

11:50 | Next Gen Marketing: Finding Purpose and Integrity in Your Brand
  • In today's crowded information space the purpose and values behind your business must resonate with customers to build trust and brand advocacy
  • Explore how LUSH used their staff as models for a diverse, realistic approach to beauty for their online campaigns, and the customer response
  • Understanding the value of ethical and authentic content and values, and how this approach enabled LUSH campaigns to reach over 10 million people

Natasha Ritz, Brand Communications Manager, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

12:20 | Lunch


2:10 | Panel: Evaluating B2B vs B2C Models
  • How to design and implement a roadmap for digital transformation: what are the major differences to be considered for B2B vs B2C ecommerce?
  • Optimising the B2B experience to match consumer expectations
  • Exploring logistics and how to service both business and consumer customers.
  • A look at pricing - what degree of transparency should you offer between business and consumer customers? Between suppliers and clients? What does best practice pricing management look like?

Merline McGregor,
General Manager, Practicology

Amanda Green, Head of e-Commerce & CRM, L'Oreal Australia (Top 50 People in e-Commerce)
Claire Hayes, GM Digital Operations & Transformation, Telstra Digital
Sean Senvirtne, Founder & CEO, MyDeal

2:50 | Business Hack: Small Scale Approach to Big Business Problems

  • If your business is lucky enough to experience rapid growth how do you manage big business problems with SME resources? How to think about problems as a big business would
  • Understanding and defining the right metrics, and asking the right questions
  • Exploring an M&A mind set from the beginning: how to establish a business fit for sale at its ground roots, and develop an intelligent exit strategy

David Berger, Co-Founder, Jimmy Brings


3:10 | Cyber security for eCommerce - how to correctly identify and handle a data breach
  • Understanding what is currently known about cybercrime including phishing, Ransomware and other potential threats
  • What does a breach look like? What systems exist to help rapid identification of a breach?
  • The unknown Unknown: cybercrime is advancing more quickly than experts can fight it. How should you best prepare your platform, your staff and your customers for emerging new threats?
  • Best-practice response - if a breach occurs, what or how should you tell your customers?
  • Exploring the brand impact of data breaches and how to respond appropriately

Abbas Kudrati, CISO, KPMG

3:30 | Afternoon Coffee Break and Close of Conference

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