Track 7 - e-Commerce


Agenda: Day One, Wednesday 10th May 2017


8:50 | Chairperson's Remarks

Jonathan Reeve, Speaker, Author, Consultant

9:00 | Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • From discovery to the check out and beyond - loyalty comes from ease of service
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Collecting and leveraging data, without crossing the creepy line
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24 months?

Martin Newman, Executive Chairman, Practicology

9:20 | PANEL: Amazon in Australia - Are We Primed for Disruption?

  • How will Amazon's entry affect Australia's retail and eCommerce landscape?
  • How can regulators protect Australian businesses?
  • How can Australian merchants leverage technology to maintain market share?
  • Will loyalty or familiarity to Australian brands influence Amazon's potential success?

Panel Chair:
David Berger, Co-Founder, Jimmy Brings

Michael Carper, CIO, Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores (USA)
Ivan Lim, Founder, Brosa (Forbes Asia 30 Under 30)
Gus Balbontin, Former CTO, Lonely Planet
Andre Eikmeier, Co-Founder & CEO, Vinomofo
Malcolm Goonetileke, SVP Global Plan & Inventory Management, Levi Strauss & Co (USA)

10:00 | It is All About the Consumer - How to Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Examining findings from the Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) study
  • Have customer expectations been met by service offerings
  • How to become champions of the customer

Steve Burke, CCO, FIS Austra

10:00 | Morning Tea


11:00 | Chairperson's Remarks

Merline McGregor, General Manager, Practicology

11:00 | Personal commerce in action: how crowd funding at Naked Wines is reinvesting in Australia's wine makers
  • How to put 'social' at the heart of your business and use it to generate tangible commercial results
  • What's next for Naked Wines? And what does the Naked Wines story mean for the wider world of personal commerce?

Luke Jecks, Founder, Naked Wines International

11:20 | Combining beautiful designs, personal production and ecommerce for international markets

Applying lessons learned to forward planning and strategic suggestions for SMEs looking to expand out from Australia

Mike Wilson, Founder, TinyMe

11:40 | Exploring Foodora and growing a 30 minute delivery business in Australia
  • A new delivery model for Australia - understanding the inception, set-up and growth of Foodora's restaurant delivery service
  • Adopting a B2B business approach and exploring the sales and marketing strategies required to successfully attract businesses to use your services
  • Understanding Foodora's day-to-day operations including supplier liaisons and delivery challenges

Toon Gyssels, Co-founder and CEO, Foodora


12:00 | Panel: International expansion - meeting the operational, technical and strategic challenges associated with international ecommerce
  • Designing a network that increases cross-border efficiency
  • Pleasing a new breed of international customer with predictable delivery dates and costs
  • Understanding how changing global standards are impacting cross-border delivery
  • Gaining an insight into consumer behaviour and buying patterns within target countries
  • Considering all barriers to entry: currency, payments methods, taxes, customs, fees and legal requirements

Luke Jecks, Founder, Naked Wines International
Mike Wilson, Founder, TinyMe
Toon Gyssels, Co-founder and CEO, Foodora
Carl Jackson, CEO, Mysale

12:40 | Lunch


The essential DNA of every multichannel campaign. Discover how to build a long-term data strategy.

Rohan Lock, Regional Director - APAC, dotmailer

Network to fight against network: Digital Identity network to tell good customers from fraudsters.

Ted Egan, VP Sales, Threatmetrix

Cyber Secutiry and PCI Compliance

Peter Mccormick, Executive Director, Secureco

The 5 Key Drivers of Retail Success

Aaron Blackman, CEO, Retail Express

What does true Omni-Channel marketing look like?

Michal Novovesky, Head of Value Delivery, Exponea

Shaping a Customer-Focused Payment Experience

Anne McDonnell, Head of Online & Product Management (Asia-Pacific) &

Jason Fischer, Head of Development (Asia-Pacific)

Session Presented by Wirecard

How to streamline your business operations - the key to a digitally fit future

Domenic Lis - Sales Director, Neto &

Andrew McMahon, Channel Development Manager, Telstra Digital Commerce Solutions

Real time payments - Are they a threat to card-based payments?

  • Cards are a 1950's proxy for an underlying account
  • Real time payment systems do not rely on this proxy
  • The roundtable will discuss what will drive the migration of payments from cards to the new real time model

Guy McIntosh, Payments Consultant, FIS Australia

Session Presented by Justin Cohen

Justin Cohen, Marketing Manager, Retail Directions

Using Customer Segmentation to Sustainably Grow your Business

Ash Howard, Director, Popultcha

Marketing to millennials - which social media platforms are they using now?

Iyia Liu, Founder, Waist Trainer & Luxe Fitness

Manufacturing on Demand: zero waste and at the speed of light

Gary Elphick, Founder, Disrupt Sports (Top 50 People in e-Commerce)

How to Create an Omnichannel Ready Business

Michael Carper, CIO, Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores (USA)

Next Gen Marketing: Messaging at the Heart of Content.

In this roundtable you will take away an in-depth understanding of the principles of ethical campaigning and how this can positively affect sales and staff engagement. You'll also gain deeper insights on how to build authentic relationships and take this to the heart of your marketing strategy.

Natasha Ritz, Brand Communications Manager & Peta Granger, Director, LUSH Cosmetics

How to recognise and leverage consumer behaviour OR addressing the challenges of transitioning a traditional retail business to a digital driven business

Alex Gibbs, CMO, The Wine

Growing your Brand - Key Considerations when Answering to a Global Market

Presented by Carton Cloud

Multi-Channel Retail - Combining flexible engagement models and reliable profitability

While having a lot of stores can be a good thing, if they're not profitable the whole exercise is made redundant. In this session Craig Downing (25+years of retail IT experience with MYER, IBM and McDonalds) will provide real actionable insights on how making incremental changes at the store level can dramatically improve the profitability of your business.

Craig Downing, Managing Director, Futura Retail Solutions

Biometrics in Payments

Alex Gatiragas, Director Product & Technology, Giesecke & Devrient Australasia P/L

3:30 | Afternoon Coffee Break



4:10 | Sears (USA): Disrupting from Within to Create a Channel (R)evolution

  • Discover how Sears will replace every single tech and business application to move to SaaS, IaaS and PaaS
  • See how Sears will relinquish all data centres and ceased operating their own servers - the only multi-billion dollar retailer to do this!
  • A look at how Sears dissected every single business process to become more agile and plan for the future

Michael Carper, Chief Information Officer, Sears (USA)


4:30 | Panel: The Shopper of the Future
  • What will the digital active shopper of the future look like?
  • What impact will technology have on a customer's path to purchase?
  • Who will be the future customer?

Ivan Lim, Founder, Brosa (Forbes Asia 30 Under 30)
Gary Elphick, CEO, Disrupt Sports (USA) (Top 50 People in E-Commerce)
Amanda Green, Head of eCommerce & CRM, L'Oreal Australia (Top 50 People in E-Commerce)
Kiki Wu, Country Manager, Alipay
Alyce Tran,
Co-Founder, The Daily Edited (World Retail Awards ‘Young Retail Entrepreneur of the Year’)


5:00 | Closing Keynote: The End of Pure Play - Learn the Secret Weapon to Future-Proofing your BusinessPanel: Changing Landscape of Interchange Fees

  • A look at the end of pure play and trends yet to come
  • Understanding the impacts the 'Four Horsemen' (Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook) is having and how to respond
  • Discover who the winners and losers are in 2017 & learn the secrets to be a winner

Morris Miselowski, Business Futurist (Retail 2020 and TEDx Speaker)


Close of Day 1

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