Track 6 - Retail


Agenda: Day Two, Thursday 11th May 2017


8:50 | Chairperson's Remarks

Jonathan Reeve, Speaker, Author, Consultant


9:00 | CASE STUDY: Menulog - Menulog - The dynamics of Australia's largest food delivery marketplace
  • Empowering restaurants through a scalable marketplace model; driving business for local restaurants through the Menulog network
  • Delivering choice for consumers; the development of Australia's largest online food ordering and delivery platform
  • Exceeding consumer expectations through constant innovation; what's next for Menulog and the online food delivery landscape

Alistair Venn, MD, Menulog

9:20 | PANEL: The Rise of Third Party Delivery Platforms: Practical Lessons to Improve 'Last Mile Delivery'
  • What impacts and opportunities will third party platforms have on your organisation?
  • Understanding how to leverage these platforms
  • A look at the challenges ahead, what's next to innovate?

Alistair Venn, Managing Director, Menulog
Toon Gyssels, Co-Founder & CEO, Foodora
David Berger, Co-Founder & COO, Jimmy Brings
Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo

10:05 | Morning Tea


10:30 | Shaping & Answering Global Consumer Demand.
  • An insider's look into Levi Straus & Co.'s global operations
  • Servicing a global marketing through omni-channel inventory management
  • Creating a seamless supply chain system into your business growth strategy
  • Next generation merchandising strategies to grow your brand

Malcolm Goonetileke, SVP Global Plan and Inventory Management, Levi Strauss & Co.(USA)

10:50 | Stocking up on Your Supply Chain Tech: eProcurement, Inventory and P2P
  • A look at supply chain tech: TMD, RFID, DMS, OMS, and the Cloud
  • Social media meets supply chain: Opening communication lines to increase demand of your product, and lowering operational cost
  • Digitisation of the supply chain to streamline productivity

Greg Becroft, Head of Supply Chain Processes, Woolworths Limited

11:10 | Algorithms in Your Supply Chain to Optimise Delivery
  • See how Deliveroo uses logistic optimisation algorithms to communicate with their drivers
  • Understand how the use of dirver smartphone software can provide real-time information
  • A look at ways to bring greater visibility to your supply chain

Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo

11:30 | What's happening in 'Last Mile' Delivery to Provide a Better Customer Experience?
  • Identifying what's happening in the freight companies to provide a better customer experience
  • Understanding the struggles that retailers and e-commerce companies have with supply chain
  • Practical applications to collaborate between retailers and supply chain

Vincent Fletcher, CEO, CartonCloud
Leon Tay, Director, Freight Ventures Australia Pty Ltd
Greg Becroft, Head of Supply Chain Processes, Woolworths Limited

11:50 | Merchandise Division Transformation to Optimise Working Capital
  • Discover Super Retail Groups' journey to operational centres of excellence to improve customer service and working capital
    Learn how integrate planning creates sustainable value
    Discuss how inventory management can be leveraged to increase sales

Sally Pieterse, GM Transformation, Super Retail Group

12:10 | Lunch


2:10 | The State of Talent Acquisition in an Ever-Changing Retail Landscape
  • What are the core skills that are needed in the ever changing retail landscape?
  • How can you manage a talent pipeline when younger workers naturally don't stay as long?
  • How to make talent acquisition commercially beneficial?

Paul Swain, Head of Human Resources, Dymocks

2:50 | Today's Digital Business - Driving Innovation and Cultural Change to Create Positive Customer Experiences
  • The customer of tomorrow: What needs to change to align your customer's expectations with what your team is doing now?
  • Addressing the challenges of transitioning a traditional retail business to be a digitally driven business.
  • Integrating digital and face-to-face experiences that create profitable loyal customers.

Alex Gibbs, CMO, The Wine Society


2:50 | Competitive Pricing Practices to Compete in a Burgeoning eCommerce and Digital Market
  • Using pricing intelligence tools to check retail prices online and in-store
  • Gaining competitive pricing advantage through real time and accurate data to roll out deals that have ROI
  • Taking Advantage of Automation Technologies to Gain Competitive Pricing Data

Angus McDonald, GM Multichannel, Supercheap Auto


3:10 | Turning Profits Into Purpose: A Look Into Ethical Campaigning

A look into the Lush journey. How Peta, a vocal campaigner on social and environmental issues, was able to turn around a dying company through ethical campaigning whilst also responding to customers who were worried about the impact of their sustainable shopping choices.

Peta Granger, Director, LUSH Cosmetics

3:30 | Afternoon Coffee Break and Close of Conference

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