Track 3 - Payments


Agenda: Day Two, Thursday 11th May 2017

8.50 | Chairperson's Remarks


9:00 | MobilePay - A Danish Fairy Tale
The story of MobilePay is a story about how a solution from a single bank evolved to become a platform for mobile payments for all banks in Denmark.

  • MobilePay is the most used app in Denmark (after Facebook)
  • Launched in 2013, available in Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • The solution have 3.3M customers of a population of 5.5M people

Kasper Sylvest, Head of Financial Market Infrastructures, Danske Bank (Denmark)

9:20 | Consumer Controls and Mobile Payments
  • Capitalising on the growing use of HCE and tokenisation
  • How to prepare, implement and capitalise on the emergence of .pay
  • Passing control onto the customer with digital wallets, customer level controls and transaction level consumer finance

Matt Collicoat, Chief Product Officer, FIS Australasia

9:40 | Panel: The Future of Payments
  • Forecasting where the payments industry is heading
  • Discussing the evolution of customer needs
  • Who will dictate the future of payment practices?

Panel Chair:
Lance Blockley, MD, The Initiatives Group

Martin Cox, Strategic Product Marketing, Rambus (previously Bell ID)
Jeremy Ng, Senior Marketing Manager - Financial, Entrust Datacard

10:05 | Morning Tea


10:40 | Engaging with Start-ups: Get Start-up Ready

The Financial Services industry increasingly wants to engage with fintech start-ups but often struggles to convert interest and opportunity into a real commercial relationship. Some organisations are making better headway than others and for those that don't yet have the right answers and processes, there are new programs emerging in the market to help streamline and fast-track the journey. Learn more about what it takes to be Start-up Ready and here first-hand from an Aussie start-up that has signed deals and implemented solutions with both large local and international banks.

Andrew Davis, Ambassador Stone & Chalk
Bart Jesman, Founder & CEO FinSuite


11:00 | Investment and Incubation: Fostering Fintech Innovation

Understanding the core elements needed for venture success
Providing fuel for growth
Developing and nurturing the next generation of Fintech start-ups
Providing the right environment for innovation to flourish

Jonathan Davey, Executive GM, NAB LABS, National Australia Bank




11:20 | Innovation Evolving Global Remittance
  • How millennials and their social media influence have affected consumer preferences and behaviour, and how we market our products and services
  • How Western Union is evolving with consumer preferences since 1871 - the first money transfer transaction through Western Union® Money Transfer SM service
  • How Western Union are using technology to meet expectations from millennials and facilitate the "wherever, whenever" remittance
  • How mobile apps evolved to support digital payments

Mark Strathern, Director e-Commerce APAC, Western Union (Digital)

11:40 | Hey You App - The Invisible Payment Movement

The Hey You app lets consumers order ahead and pay on their mobile and hence avoid waiting for their purchases when they arrive at their café. At the same time it helps retailers to manage their peak loads, analyse customer's loyalty with their ordering trends, and increase customer base.

Rebekah Campbell, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hey You App

12:00 | Beyond Omnichannel Banking
  • Serving a hyper-connected customer base
  • Delivering banking seamlessly and ubiquitously: in context and relevant
  • Ensuring the customer gets a delightful experience with every interaction
  • Offering services and sales based on the customer's need and preferred channel
  • Rethinking the suit of products through the prism of the customer's real feelings and needs towards their finances

Duena Blomstrom, Founder, Emotional Banking (UK)
#FinTech Analyst & #Digital Experience Strategy Designer - #FinServ25, #NextBank100, Top 10
CityAM Power Influencer, Top 3 most influential women in the City, ex CMO & Head of Sales for
Meniga, Mentor, Speaker, Blogger and Angel Investor

12:20 | Lunch


2:10 | Tackling the Identity Issue
  • The importance of solving digital identity
  • Are the motives or mechanisms to commit identity fraud changing?
  • The evolving identity security landscape
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to building a more secure and resilient society
  • The new frontier: exploring the role of blockchain in digital identity

Leanne Fry, Chief Innovation Officer, AUSTRAC

2:30 | Future of Payment Security - A 360 Degree View
  • The evolution of payment fraud in Australia
  • What is keeping Chief Risk Officers awake at night?
  • Innovation taking place to respond to the new fraud landscape
  • How important is biometrics and is Australia ready
  • Global security developments that matter to Australian merchants and acquirers
  • The major security priorities in 2017/2018

Joe Cunningham, Regional Risk Officer, Asia Pacific, Visa Inc.


2:50 | Transforming the Identity Model - Can Blockchain Delivery Identity as a Service?
  • A blockchain architecture for self-sovereign identity
  • Adoption challenges
    • A new economic model for identity
    • Regulatory considerations
    • Social acceptance

Nick Giurietto, CEO & Managing Director, Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association


3:10 | Improving Complexity and Inefficiency of Australia's Current Healthcare Payments Ecosystem
  • Understand the trend in Australia to self-directed and value-based healthcare models
  • How payments innovation can eliminate inefficient processes, reduce costs, and deliver better health outcomes
  • Learn the implications for patients, practitioners, Gov't / private insurers, and the financial services industry

Michael Southwell, Director of Payments, Global Transaction Services, Westpac

3:30 | Afternoon Coffee Break and Close of Conference

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