At Seamless Australia, our vision is simple - to create a community where the retail, e-commerce and payments industries can collaborate, be inspired and continue to build their brand.

Seamless Retail 2018 Theme: Owning Your Own Brand

Seamless Retail is Australia’s biggest community which brings together leaders from across the entire retail value chain. It is the only event in the world that looks at the global and local trends and technologies that are on the verge of changing our economies.

Seamless Retail 2018 features over 120 world renowned leading local and international experts to deliver thought-leadership knowledge including leading retailers, ecommerce, merchants, banks, fintech innovators, and more.

Benefits of Attending Seamless Retail:

  • Discover the secrets of what makes Amazon, Amazon and use this knowledge to implement in your business to create a stronger customer base. We are the ONLY event featuring Amazon and we have Amazon’s first Chief Scientist headlining the conference! 
  • Understand how you can merge your offline and online successfully through partnering with experiential and concept malls to create a stronger brand presence
  • Know your competition! Seamless Australasia has major start-ups and rising SMEs shaking up the industry speaking at the event. Learn how you can differentiate your brand from them
  • Find out how SMEs can respond to the threat (or opportunity) of Amazon entering the Aussie market
  • Grow your business globally by discovering how other retail and e-commerce pioneers successfully broken into the Asian market
  • Learn how not to discount your product by creating a truly premium omni-channel experience through understanding your customers buying behaviour

2018 Speakers

Andreas Weigend
former Chief Scientist
Amazon (USA)

Michele Fuhs
Head of Future Retail
BMW Group (Germany)

Goran Stefkovski

Simon Torring
Head of Innovation
and Omni-Channel
Sephora (Singapore)

Jim Mollica
Head of Global Consumer Engagement
Under Armour (USA)

Paul Monaco
Logistics Coordinator
BDP International

Simon Torring
Head of Innovation and Omni-Channel
Sephora (Singapore)

Dan Castle
Martha Stewart & Sequential Brand Group (USA)

Ian Dewar
Director of Customer Lifecycle and Analytics
The North Face (USA)

Ian Chua
Founder/CEO (Malaysia)

David Watson
Future Travel (Vietnam)

Paul Swain
Head of Human Resources





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