DAY ONE – Tuesday 13 March 2018

9.00 | Chairpersons Opening Remarks



9:10 | Data DNA: The 5 Rules You Need To Know When It Comes To You Data

Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist, Amazon 

9:40 | The evolution of commerce, payments & financial services toward 2020

Speaker TBA,  First Data Corporation

10:10 | Challenges and opportunities in building the next generation of banks and neo banks

David Koch  interviews Anthony Thomson, Founder & Chairman, Atom Bank

10:30 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


Welcome to BankTech Track 7




11:10 | Understanding transitional opportunities in the retail mobile payments sector

Dr Paula Dootson, PwC Chair for Digital Economy, QUT

11:30 | The future of payments – waterproof wearables & digital wallets

Peter Colbert, Founder & CEO, INAMO

11:50 | Securing retail banking customer email using the Authentication of Everything

Ian McDonald, Founder, Antimatter

12:10 | Accepting cash payments to expand your customer base

Kain Warwick, CEO, blueshyft

12:20 | Lunch and Exhibition Viewing with Main Stage Presentations
1:50 | Roundtable Sessions

3:30 | Afternoon Break – Tea/coffee and Exhibition Viewing



4:30 | Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From money we understand to money that understands us

Dr. David G. Birch, author & commentator on digital financial services

5:00 | Who cares about the customer!

Michele Fuhs, Head of Premium Retail Experience, BMW Group (Germany)


5:00 | Networking Drinks

DAY TWO – Wednesday 14 March 2018

9.00 | Chairpersons Opening Remarks



9:10 | Offering what Amazon cannot – the shopping experience of the future:

Dan Castle, Managing Director, Martha Stewart & Sequential Brand Group (USA)



9:40 | The mind blowing technologies that Will Change the World

Michele Fuchs, Head of Future Retail, BMW Group (Germany)
Goran Stefkovski, Chief Technology Officer,
Jim Mollica, VP Global Consumer Engagement, Under Armour (USA)  



10:10 | Nitin Gaur, Director, IBM Blockchain Labs

10:30 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


Welcome to BankTech Track 7



11:20 | Bitcoins: the path from POS to the bank

Jason Williams, Co-Founder, BitPos

11:40 | Blockchain 101: how this emerging service will shape the future

Nick Addison, Chief Technology Officer, AgriDigital

12:00 | Empowering consumers with online marketplaces

Atul Narang, Founder/CIO, HashChing (CTO/CIO of the Year, FinTech Awards Australia)

12:20 |  10min Quickfire

12:30 | Lunch and Exhibition Viewing with Main Stage Presentations



1:30 | Powering up your business with cross-border payments

Speaker TBA


1:50 | Making mobile banking fun

Colin Weir, Founder, Moroku


2:10 | Managing fraud with Digital Identity

Lynda Cocker, Startup Coach, ANZ Innovation


2:30 | Afternoon Tea/Coffee and Exhibition Viewing


3:10 | Insights from the world’s largest retailer

Maggie Zhou, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Alibaba Group

3:40 | Close of Conference