Lee Hardham, Founder & CEO, Brauz

From high achieving media executive to Brauz Founder and CEO, Lee's journey has always been hallmarked by vision, drive, leadership and innovation.

In his position at News Corp Australia, Lee worked closely with some of Australia's leading retailers, giving him insights into the challenges they faced in an increasingly digital world.

Lee realised the global retail market was a long way behind where it could be in the digital space. This drove him to leave his high-paying position and create Brauz.

"Retailers have always understood the value of building relationships and connecting effectively with customers. But, I saw that they were unsure of how to use digital tools to improve what they do."

Over the past 4 years Lee dedicated his life to making his vision a reality, believing in data with purpose. Lee aimed to inspire creativity and innovate without boundary.

Lee's vision for Brauz was to utilise technology as a human resource, not a method of human redundancy.

As Brauz' founder, Lee has ensured that the company's products and services all match this vision. His values-based approach has secured over $1.25M in Angel Investment, and a continuously growing team of 12. Brauz will continue to grow, as it enters its Series A round, which will raise over $10M in investment.

"Brauz raises the bar, providing shoppers and retailers with a dramatically higher level of interaction. We equip retailers with sophisticated, cutting-edge tools that identify trends, build performance and give shoppers a faster, easier and more personalised experience.

"Our innovation reengineers traditional product categories by ļ¬ltering content through personal relevancy, predicting a customers' next path to purchase."

Lee's vision, strategic execution and inspiration, position Brauz for future success.

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