Bart Jesman, Founder & CEO, Finsuite

Bart is the Founder and CEO of FinSuite, a Fintech specialising in process automation software for the Finance Sector.

Based in Melbourne, Bart spent 10 years in the Finance Industry before founding FinSuite, having worked for both Citigroup and ANZ.  His last role at ANZ was Head of Business Execution, with full responsibility for all operational aspects of ANZ’s Business Banking. 

Bart also had responsibility for ANZ Business Banking’s Asset Writing Strategy and got to work on special projects, including the setup of the Commercial Banking Operations Hub in India and the acquisition of RBS assets in Asia.

Since founding FinSuite in 2010, Bart has built the business to become a recognised player in the Fintech Industry globally.  FinSuite’s first application, the Corporate Family Tree came runner up in the Microsoft Partner Software Development pf the Year category in 2011.  The company now has 4 core products, all proving significant productivity and quality benefits to various banking processes.

More recently, FinSuite was 1 of 8 startups to be accepted out of a pool of 100 globally, for the Fintech Innovation Lab held in Hong Kong.  Domestically, FinSuite counts 3 of the 4 major Australian banks as clients, as well as several smaller banks and individual finance brokers.  Internationally, FinSuite counts some of the largest global banks as customers and currently has several projects underway across the globe.  Last year, FinSuite opened its first offshore office in New York as it continues its global distribution.  
Bart is always happy to hear from other startups and provide help where he can through his own experiences.

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